Our technology and marketing consultative services includes building and designing a world class solution for a multitude of different industries namely hospitality, food and beverage, education, government, banking and finance, telecommunications, legal services, corporate services, retail, entertainment, travel and leisure, shipping and logistics, utility, energy, healthcare and medical.

We constantly design our solutions to accommodate the latest market trends and cater to the needs of different generations. Our solutions are made to be simple yet powerful to meet organisational needs and empower clients to be engaged, productive, competitive and responsive to the industry needs.

Our expertise include customisation of QR Code design, market research and development, marketing and advertising campaigns implementation, and mobile platform integrations. QR code is effective in the creation of brand awareness and market penetration to millions of audiences while saving huge traditional advertising cost. It is also made easy to bridge print media to online marketing campaigns. Organisations also use QR code to simplify work processes by updating the websites that link to a specific code instead of creating tonnes of different materials for an awareness program. Users will conveniently scan the code to obtain information of a particular item easily and efficiently on the move. Visit our portfolio.

We help organisation to be more efficient in managing operational resources such as material, labour, time, space, and cost.



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