We deliver complete turnkey solutions on technology brand marketing for cross industry in multi-disciplines.  The management team has over fifteen years of experience in various disciplines on technology consulting and brand marketing.

Our business philosophy is to ensure our delivery of services and solutions meets the highest quality standards with optimum customers’ satisfactions while exceeding all customers’ expectations.


We strive to be the global leader in providing first-class services and innovative turnkey solutions spanning in six continents. We ensure that customers return to use Qreco services again and again.


We aim to achieve continuous worldwide recognition in the convergence of brand marketing and technology services.

The quest for business agility begins from our working relations where we assist customers to design, build, integrate, manage, and evolve an adaptive infrastructure enabling the realization of tangible benefits from the marketing and technology investments made today.

We empower organisations to leverage existing business infrastructures to optimise business performance and to capitalize business ownership while yielding the highest investment returns.

The grassroots of our global success and local expertise achieved through people which is our core assets of the company. Our recruitment process engage on integrity and knowledge, human talents and creativity, productivity and efficiency with an approach to integrate critical business processes in maximizing business values and returns.

We assist our clients to increase shareholders values and to achieve a high level of customer interactivity experiences with an effective customer engagement strategy model.

We always listen to our clients’ needs and feedbacks on the growth agenda for us to timely orchestrate top notch solutions and architect the best-in-class products in the market space.


We foster an environment of inclusion, internally diverse where all employees are encouraged to contribute and help others with the initiative to implement ideas into products and solutions that leads to addressing the needs of our global customer effectively.

People are our core assets in producing, projecting and achieving our corporate successes. Therefore, we ensure each individual complies to our standard guidelines in the corporate governance that reflects the values of integrity, innovation, mutual respect, customer focus, and knowledge sharing.

We practice a balanced work environment where we employ strong professional relationships that create both collaborative work and unstructured time to relax and get to know each other.

Core Diversity

Our business practices and strategies implementation are complying to :

DIGNITY – in which we listen and respond to feedbacks from our customers, employees, shareholders and the society, for the implementation of a best-in-class business products and solutions;

INTEGRITY – in which we practice the highest standard of honesty, conducting business ethically, and continuous guarantee customer satisfaction;

RESPONSIVE – in which we provide quick and effective solutions to resolve customers’ business operations issues in creating a sustainable competitive advantage;

RESPECT – in which we protect the interest of the people who work with us, who use us and who contributed to us: employees, customers, shareholders, partners and the society;

BEST PRACTICES– in which we strive for continuous improvement on our professional skills, research and development skills and the enhancement of our products and services.

Corporate & Governance

Our principles guided towards the interest of shareholders, investors, board of directors, internals and the general public.

  • Open Door Communication

    Free to communicate and expressing thoughts with anyone honestly

  • Credibility and Trustworthy

    Perform task as said and promise with dignity and integrity

  • Abide the Law

    Do what is right legally and not doing what should not

  • Priority Setting

    Always focus on importance rather than convenience

  • Loyalty

    Loyal to family, company and yourselves

  • Respect for oneself

    Treating everyone and yourselves with dignity and integrity

  • Change Leadership

    Setting the management leading role by example

  • Protecting Shareholding Interest

    Proper evaluation and work towards stakeholders interest

Corporate Citizen

We work towards achieving the following objectives:-

  • ensuring sustainable shareholder value;
  • continuously improve our operations;
  • providing wide range of quality products and services;
  • treating investors, partners, employees and customers fairly;
  • delivering products and services in a timely and efficient manner;
  • operating in accordance to environmental protection


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